SupportCategory: Free Product Sample for WooCommerceYour plugin still has many problems.
Adam Wassall asked 2 months ago

There are a lot of problems with this plugin. I purchased the pro version and then you refused to refund me after I asked for one that was within the 7 days specified. 
The main problem is that you can easily add more than the maximum number of allowed products. Your solution to the maximum allowed is the hide the button when the maximum is reached but you use ajax this does not work. You need to change it so there is a message on the checkout saying there are too many samples and also disable the checkout button. 
If you can fix this it might be an okay product. 
Also, it would be good if once the maximum number has been reached we can we can have a message instead of the button just dissapearing. 

1 Answers
Adam Wassall answered 2 months ago

I have tried it when you diable “Enable AJAX add to basket buttons on archives” and this make it so when you press add sample it adds the product not a sample. 
This is a paid plugin. It NEEDS to be better.