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Danny Boktor asked 3 weeks ago

We have a flat rate shipping method enabled and have created a custom class for samples. The issue is on the checkout page. Once the user gets a quote for shipping, it’s only charging for the one sample product and ignoring all the other items in the cart. Is this a known issue?
Please let me know what to do to fix:
1. Make the Order Sample button from category page work, now it doesn’t (
2. Fix the flat rate shipping, as soon as a sample is added to the order, no matter how many products in the cart it only charges $1 for shipping
3. The taxes get messed up, once the plugin’s activated
I’ve been waiting on Kader to fix it, as I provided him with a login to the site.
This is now 6 days with no activity & still waiting on a reply.
User: kader
(Sent you a rest link for your password)

2 Answers
The NextWP Team Staff answered 3 weeks ago

Hi there,
I have updated the plugin on your website. Would you please check it? Let me know your feedback. 

Danny Boktor answered 2 weeks ago