Aneed asked 3 weeks ago

Hey, holidays are over I hope.. I am still waiting since 2 weeks for an solution…after updating wordpress the plugin is not working.Free shipment is not working. When I add a sample and a normal product, I can now choose wheter I want free delivery or not. But thats not the way it supposed to work. Before update it was right: If you have ONLY a sample, then delivering is free. If you have BOTH then the customer has to pay the delievery cost.Adding in the Cart => I have the problem, that there is no message coming, when I put something in the cart. Before that, it was no problem.When pressing on the sample button, there must be any kind of mouse over effect, so, the client knows something is happeningThanks.. please reply to my email, since this support forum dont remind me, if you answer.Thank you