SupportCategory: Free Product Sample for WooCommercelicense key not activating
Kevin Spink asked 4 weeks ago


I recently bought the pro version of your plugin, but for some reason it won’t activate the license key.


2 Answers
The NextWP Team Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Is it a subdomain or the main domain? 

Kevin Spink replied 4 weeks ago

its currently on a subdomain as we build the site

The NextWP Team Staff replied 4 weeks ago

Hi there,
Would you please give the site credential privately to figure it out?

Kevin Spink replied 3 weeks ago

Hi there,

I sent the logins a week ago, have you received them? is there any update on the key not working?


The NextWP Team Staff answered 3 weeks ago

I have contact with my hosting provider for license activation. They got nothing error/blockage to activate the license. Here is the response:
I have just received an update from them. I can see that the remote server from which the website is trying to connect to yours is not blocked. 443 port is related to SSL, so I have re-enabled it for your account though it seems that the error is still there. As the website from which the connection is made is hosted on SiteGround, you would need to contact them for further information on why the connection cannot be reached from their side.
Would you please contact your hosting provider (siteground)? 
Here is the error message: cURL error 7: Failed to connect to port 443: Connection refused  
Please let me know.