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Karl asked 2 weeks ago

Hello! We’ve purchased and are testing the Free Product Sample for WooCommerce Pro plugin, and we’ve noticed two things: 1) a bug and 2) a request for a feature or info on how to accomplish this:
1. On line 362 of public/class-woo-free-product-sample-pro-public.php there is a leftover code (echo “Hi”), probably from when you were testing a feature. We’ve commented that out, but might be good to remove that in the next update!
2. The Free Samples add to the cart nicely, but they aren’t differentiated as a Sample – they just have the name of the product. Is there a way to add “Sample of..” or “(Sample)” to the name of the product, either in the plugin itself or via some other means? Thanks!

1 Answers
The NextWP Team Staff answered 1 week ago

It’s working nicely on our demo site. Always it should have a prefix (sample) before the sample product in the cart. I guess, it is conflicting with the theme code. Would you please share your website credential privately to fix it?