SupportCategory: Free Product Sample for WooCommerceFree Sample Plugin is not working correctly
Phil Callow asked 2 months ago

I just bought Free Product Sample for WooCommerce, however when implementing it in my site it causes 2 issues:

  1. When I click the original Add To Basket button instead of adding a full price product it adds 2 samples, no full price item (it always adds the number of product as samples and then one more too
  2. The ‘Order a sample button’ does not fire

I am creating the site using Divi and use a plugin by Divi King called WooCommerce Builder For Divi
It appears there is a conflict between your plugin and the Divi King plugin

  1. Are you aware of this conflict?
  2. How can this conflict be overcome?

I am using WooCommerce Builder For Divi for all WooCommerce pages and cannot remove it to allow Free Product Sample for WooCommerce to work.