SupportCategory: Free Product Sample for WooCommerceFree Product Sample for WooCommerce Pro – Wrong shipping values
David asked 1 month ago

Hi, I am a web developer working on a client site. The plugin providing Woocommerce samples was not supported anymore, so I suggested purchasing this plugin. 
I have created a staging site for the client for all development and testing, and installed the plugin here. 
When testing, I have noticed that it is pulling in the incorrect shipping values. I have followed instructioins on setting up a shipping class for samples, and set prices, but it is still pulling in the wrong values. If we cannot get this to work, we will have to abandon the plugin and look for something else. 
If I add one sample to the basket, the shipping method of “Royal Mail 1st Class ( Order under £20)” is listed, which is correct, but it is listing the cost as 2.95, which is from a different method “Royal Mail Standard”. Also courier which is set at 7.50 is also showing as 2.95. When multiple items are in the basket, the incorrect shipping class for sample is being added onto a the shipping for the other items, which is wrong, as the shipping is set to apply per order, and not per class. 
I had some screen shots to show you better, but I cannot paste in here sadly. I am happy to arrange access for you to the dashboard, and FTP if needed, so you can see what I mean. 
I hope we can get this sorted out, as the plugin looked like it would be suitable, but we cannot put on a large ecommerce site if we cannot resolve. 
The purchase key by the way is: cf2ef2a87c8504df4bfeecfc817914c6 
I would appreciate if you could get back to me as soon as possible, as we have a number of updates in staging which we would like to push live as soon as possible and this issue is holding us up.
Thank you
David McDonagh
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